We are a dedicated team based in San Francisco, whose experience stretches the whole length of the marketing, advertising and branding fields from trend identification to innovative animation.

Founded by dedicated entrepreneurs, we have never lost sight of our goal to provide the highest quality services to small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of their industry.

Here is some information about what we can do for you.





Hammer And Helmet understands the advantages of online marketing include: Cost, Measurability, Market Segment Targeting, Increased Website Traffic and Reduced Marketing Expenses. Hammer And Helmet’s online services include:


E-commerce strategy


Integrated Marketing Strategy


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Customer Relation Management (CRM)


Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Content Marketing (articles, blogs, newsletters)


Analytic Management


PPC strategy










Though much energy is focused on digital marketing, Hammer And Helmet has not neglected traditional platforms such as print, outdoor, commercial, direct mail and

public relations (PR).

A successful integrated marketing campaign marries the latest approaches to advertising, marketing and branding with the tried and true, foundational approaches.

That’s what makes Hammer And Helmet unique – we have mastered the traditional methods and are equally masterful in applying cutting-edge philosophies and practices.




If Offline or traditional advertising is the foundation, then Online Advertising can now be considered the new frontier in advertising.

Hammer And Helmet creative team develop online campaigns tailored for the multiple channel world. Our dreamers and storytellers create compelling campaign strategies for mobile, online, email and display formats. This is the world of keyword strategies, impressions and click-throughs and Hammer And Helmet is at the industry forefront.







Product users outreach now goes well beyond traditional advertisements. Hammer and Helmet will create a comprehensive online business strategy that engages customers through interactive platforms.


Hammer And Helmet creates multi-level interactive platforms to engage customers and shoppers whether on a smartphone, PC, tablet or in a shopping mall. We combine technology, innovation and design into a success formula. Our services in this area include the following:


Website Design / UI / UX


Mobile App Design


Design Digital Stores


Interactive Digital Billboards


Interactive E-book Design










Each company needs a unique brand DNA to increase visibility and long-term viability in the public eye.


The brand masters at Hammer And Helmet can create a brand strategy, design a brand identity package (logo, tagline, tone, typeface) and manage how that brand is integrated into packaging, advertising, collateral materials, environment and even product design.


We understand that strategic branding builds brand equity, bringing added value to a company’s products and services. Hammer And Helmet will also guide companies in determining what distribution channels fit their overall brand strategy. Where you advertise is part of your brand strategy.